Domestic Electricians Bath

Brigstowe Electrical Services domestic electricians in Bath pride ourselves in offering our customers a design to installation service where we listen to your needs and build a service that is individually tailored to you.

No matter how large or small the job that you are looking to have done, the domestic electricians at Brigstowe Electrical Services are always ready to help, from changing a light switch, replacing a socket, upgrading your existing fuse board through to re-wiring your property. Brigstowe Electrical Services always aim to carry out the works to suit the customer’s time frame thus providing a fast, reliable and efficient service.

Brigstowe Electrical Services carry out electrical installations and maintenance for all services across the whole of the Bath, Bristol and the South West.

Electrical Periodic Inspections

Visual Inspection of domestic properties to BS7671 including current regulatory compliance. All properties should be tested every ten years or at change of ownership.

RCD Testing (residual current device)

Recent tests found that fixed RCD’s are not always reliable (about 97%). Testing regularly improves this statistic. If you have RCD protection, it will reduce the risk of electric shock to you and your family and it can also protect your home against the risk of fire caused by faulty wiring. For a small fixed fee, we can inspect and test these devices to make sure they are functioning properly.

Please Remember

Building Regulations (Part P) state that nearly all new domestic electrical work now has to be certified by a registered company. Making changes to the electrical installation in your own home is an important issue and should not be attempted without full knowledge of the regulations.

More information on inspection and testing.

Domestic Electricians Bath

Domestic Electricians Bath

Domestic Electricians Bath

Domestic Electricians Bath

Domestic Electricians Bath

Domestic Electricians Bath

Energy Efficiency Alternatives

Our electricians can install any type of lighting internally or externally at your property. With everyone now looking to the rising energy prices, LED lighting is quickly becoming many people’s desired choice of lighting system. LED lights omit the same type of light as conventional bulbs but they do it with an estimated 70% – 80% reduction in running costs, thus making a saving on your energy bills whilst keeping the same lighting levels in your property.


All materials and products are covered by full manufacturers warranties and our labour is backed by our own guarantee of workmanship. Defects arising from faulty installation or repair work are treated as a priority and will be dealt with at the customer’s earliest possible convenience.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation is a well established and proven technology, especially in the UK where electricity is supplied at an average of 242 Volts, which is high compared to many other countries. Electrical equipment manufacturers produce products which can be used all over the world – products for Europe are designed to work across a wide voltage range, (207 Volts to 253 Volts). Crucially though, many appliances operate most efficiently at around 220 Volts.

When voltage exceeds this level, energy is wasted in both heat and vibration, which costs money and significantly reduces the life span of your electrical appliances. For example, with the Voltage Optimiser light bulbs will last far longer.

All our work meets the latest IEE Electrical Wiring Regulations. At Brigstowe Electrical Services we offer a hassle free, no obligation free estimate and are happy to explain everything in full.